Monthly Archives: March 2015

New Tourism Client, Mitchell County

The Goss Agency is executing a portfolio of TGA proprietary quantitative and qualitative research and branding tools to ascertain Mitchell County’s most compelling features, benefits...
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Our 5 Step Branding Process

  To conduct the most effective messaging, we believe it is crucial to have the intelligence and consumer insights to identify with your prospect personally and understand what it is about your product or experience that hits your prospect’s “hot buttons.” We have the research, brand measurement and positioning tools to prepare exceptional creative messaging…
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Marketing Insights: Two Schools of Thought

The “Two-Schools” by Bob Davies, Brand Strategist What I’m noticing is that there are two distinct “schools of thought” with respect to marketing these days. One is being advanced by the content people. It is about spontaneity, real-time marketing and responsiveness. The marketing of presence.  These days we develop--no crank-out--the content and push it through…
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