Content Leader

What is Content Leader?


If you were stuck on an island and had only one magazine, no problem - the articles would get your full attention, over and over. The fact is we live in a world where we are hit with over 10,000 messages a day, on average, with over 120+ channels. The Goss Agency Content Leaders are designed to direct your prospect’s limited attention to your message over the other 9,999.


Affinity Targeting Science:

  • Identify individual experiences within the product/brand
  • Identify individual psychographic profiles to which brand or individual experiences of the brand appeals
  • Map Affinity Profiles in online search and digital footprint banking key words and search terms per profile
  • Plan, schedule, place digital creative based on highest ROI
  • Analytics, measure, adjust

Content Leader Creative Process

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Give us a fact and we will turn it into a Content Leader Campaign.

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