"We are here to build our clients' business.
In doing so, we will build our own."

- Jeff Goss

Have we gone full circle? In the 1940s and ’50s brands rushed to place their ads in the latest of thousands of magazines and ever-growing TV and radio broadcast stations, which soon became crowded with ads vying for the same attention. The answer came in the form of conceptual advertising — ads that communicate the key message in a clever, surprising, interesting, or compelling manner.

Things went along fine for another 40 years with intelligent, innovative advertising. Then came the new medium, the internet. Similar to the 1950s TV and magazines, advertisers thought this was the golden answer to all their marketing needs. The online space got more and more crowded with thousands of messages vying for the same consumers’ attention as more and more digital channels appeared. Suddenly, the consumer is overwhelmed with too many messages in too many channel options to maintain. Sound familiar?

The most effective marketing is the result of crafting one’s key messages into creative and then placing into the medium/channels most frequented by the target profile. If you do this well, you can likely interest your prospect in hearing the rest of your story.

If you don’t do this well and make the mistake of thinking your prospect is as interested in your story as you are, your message likely becomes white noise alongside the thousands of messages competing for their attention.

At The Goss Agency, we have the skills and tools to identify your most compelling distinction and communicate it in the most effective and consistent manner over time. This is our definition of a “Brand.”

Some other FAQs:

  • Founded in 2003
  • Full-service strategic branding/marketing firm
  • Provide Consulting and work by project with in-house or other service teams
  • TGA disciplined procedures keep our clients on budget, time, and target
  • We provide a comprehensive branding process analyzing the brand through the lens of Company, Constituents, and Competition to arrive at the most valid, competitive, and meaningful brand positioning
  • Creative? Yes, we’ve won over 90 international and national awards for creative and results
  • Results focused, we establish goals matrix upon initiation
  • Transparent billing, never over budget
  • Seasoned marketing and branding professionals do the work on your business
  • We might be the only ones who care about your success more than your mother


“It is not our objective to win awards,
but we find it increasingly imperative to
create award-winning creative to
break through the 5,000 messages
that your prospect is hit with daily.”

- Jeff Goss