“It was time to consolidate our resources and unite our cultural entities and conduct an RFP for a marketing partner. We narrowed our list of prospects and send out our RFP to a dozen or so marketing agencies in the Southeast. From the moment we looked at the ads done by The Goss Agency it was obvious the “got us”. It was obvious they did their homework and knew something about our culture. Their presentation of our culture was truly striking. We looked proud and accomplish and rich with heritage and tradition in a ‘National Geographic’ sort of way. Since then, 4 years ago, the advertising has instilled a sense of pride in our people and the results have been profound from town levy to numbers at the gates of the Fairgrounds, Drama, Village
and Museum.”
- Mary Jane Ferguson, Director of Marketing, The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians sought to increase tourism by distinguishing its offering from other area attractions, emphasizing Cherokee’s dynamic history and culture. The Goss Agency’s approach was to unify attractions and message to leverage the unmatched 11,000-year culture and history with emotional appeal and an effective media/creative campaign.
Some highlights from the results of the
Cherokee, NC campaign:

  • 19% Levy Increase
  • 42% Increase in Ticket Revenue
  • 30% Merchandise Sales
  • 233% Increase in Website Traffic
  • 77% New Web Visitors