“It was time to consolidate our resources and unite our cultural entities and conduct an RFP for a marketing partner. We narrowed our list of prospects and sent out our RFP to a dozen or so marketing agencies in the Southeast. From the moment we looked at the ads, it was obvious The Goss Agency ‘got us.’ It was obvious they did their homework and knew something about our culture. Their presentation of our culture was truly striking. We looked proud and accomplished and rich with heritage and tradition in a ‘National Geographic’ sort of way. Since then, four years ago, the advertising has instilled a sense of pride in our people, and the results have been profound from town levy to numbers at the gates of the Fair Grounds, Drama,
Village and Museum.”
- Mary Jane Ferguson,
Director of Marketing, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Here is how we, “Turn Facts Into Visitation” in an actual campaign. In researching the history of the Cherokee and their culture in preparation of an ad campaign to be designed to transcend all media, we came across a simple fact that might be overlooked by many. After all, the fact was just about a basket. But this was no ordinary basket. This basket was made of white oak which splits to a 1/16 inch thickness in strips as long as the log between knots. Well, the Cherokee made white oak baskets with different sizes and shapes to hold different weights for various uses. The particular basket featured in this ad for Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual, Inc. was designed for corn, beans, and trout - a fact ripe to turn into a compelling ad, especially for their museum.