Passport Program

The Goss Agency Cultural Map & Heritage Guide/App Program consists of a pocket-size self-folding map with participating merchants/attractions and businesses on one side and the Cultural Story on the other, and/or an App providing information and self-guided tours through the attractions and destinations of an area. The maps are available at all participating merchants in counter displays, and the App is available for all mobile platforms.

Average Passport Program Results









Average Sales Increase


NOTE: Pre-sales eliminate risk, assuring cost is covered. Year 2+ cost is only 30% of original cost, revenue remaining the same.

Cherokee Passport Program Case Study

With Cherokee we went a leap further with the Cultural Map & Heritage Guide. We designed the Cultural Map & Heritage Guide with a Passport cover. We arranged with the police a roadblock with flashing lights, cones, and digital signage at the entrance of Cherokee from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We had the Cherokee warriors dress up in 18th-century regalia as they stopped vehicles entering Cherokee from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to “check their passports.”

Needless to say, our campaign was on the evening news and went viral on social media.

Passport and P.O.P. Display created for Historic Biltmore Village.


Passport app designed for Elizabeth City, North Carolina.