Content & Influencer Marketing

Gabrielle Diepenbrock

Team Coordinator: Gabrielle Diepenbrock

Gabrielle coordinates and works with Tempesta Media to oversee content and influencer marketing for clients.

On average, people see about 3,000 advertisements a day. In order for a brand to stand out, it needs to provide relevant and valuable content to its target audience, and effectively distribute this content to build brand awareness and brand trust.

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    The Process (components of programs, areas of focus):

    Content Marketing:

    1. A vetted writing team is assigned to each client based on industry expertise.
    2. A “voice profile” is created for each client to direct writing team on style, tone, SEO keyword phrases, etc. The voice profile also informs the writers on target audience, brand and content objectives.
    3. Content turnaround is 3-5 business days and comes with unlimited revisions.
    4. We also consult and assist clients to create/conduct a content marketing plan, editorial calendar, article interviews, content management system integration, website content planning, e-guide/white paper/e-book planning sessions.

    Influencer Marketing

    1. We identify high-impact influencers (high following, high engagement) on social, based on a client’s campaign objective, budget, geography, industry and interest.
    2. Define a budget — and get projected reach and potential campaign performance with the budget and influencers identified. 
    3. Provide a URL to influencers with content that the client wants shared, along with desired messaging.  We keep track to ensure message is favorably promoted by influencers.
    4. Have the ability to manage and optimize influencer campaign in real time (enhancing message, targeting and budgets within seconds).

    Resources (ability/networks, etc.):

    • Have access to a network of over 17,000 industry influencers on several platforms.  With this network we compile a list of influencers based on your needs and specifications (campaign-type, geographic location and niche interest) to provide you with unprecedented amplification of your social media marketing messages.
    • Partner with 20,000 vetted writers covering 300 areas of interest to ensure you’ll get the quality content you need in the manner and time you need it.
    • Industries range from arts & humanities, automotive, B2B, career, education, travel, recreation, technology, manufacturing, etc.


    Example: A blog by a Tempesta content creator used to advertise tomatoes.

    Example: A blog by a Tempesta content creator used to advertise tomatoes.

    To see examples of content by industry, go to Tempesta’s content showcase page.