The first ever official branding campaign for the 208-year-old county. Haywood County’s 555 square miles has four small towns, none of which had appeal on their own to be a main attraction. When coupled with the other amazing cultural, outdoor, and agritourism experiences, the County had the potential to be the attraction, especially in an age with travelers, particularly millennials, seeking things real, experiences vs. possessions.

Execution: Branding Program, Logo/Tagline, Strategic Marketing/Media Plan, Social Media Strategic Plan, Affinity-targeted display ad campaign designed for each of the nine Affinity Target Profiles to which the diverse Haywood County features appealed, Mobile Responsive Website, Visitor’s Guidebook/Collateral, Monthly Monitoring/Reporting, Execution of Pinterest’s new Rich Pin boards, allowing visitors to do self-guided mobile tours through the Pinterest App.


“I would like to thank the Goss Agency and the Tourism Development Authority Staff and Board for their work in the creation of our new brand and logo. This logo will accentuate the implementation of our long term strategic plan. This plan will be instrumental in guiding us into the future.”
- Ken Stahl, Chairman, Haywood County Tourism and Development Authority