The loss of the banana contracts in Europe led the St. Lucia Tourist Board to focus on tourism and meaningfully on differentiating the Island from the many islands in the Eastern Caribbean. The board was leaning toward positioning the Island as the island with the friendliest people.

We conducted Inside Insights Focus Groups with travelers who had been to the Caribbean at least once and planned to visit again within the next two years. We discovered travelers considered "the island with the friendliest people" to be Jamaica. Different attitudinal segments favorably received two Benefit Statements, The Authentic West Indies and The Island Adventure. Both of these strategic benefits were incorporated into the current advertising and public relations campaigns.


“Jeff Goss of The Goss Agency headed the creative image campaign that defined the beautiful qualities of our island. The campaign was defined through identifying what specific island attractions appealed to the various audiences. The attraction-specific ads were strategically placed in related verticals to capture the audience. Islands Magazine was so impressed with the new campaign they gave it preferred placement, inside front cover – a 20-percent premium at no additional cost. Island Tourist Board tracking indicated a 37-percent increase in inquiries.”

- Maria Fowl, Director of Marketing, The Island of St. Lucia