Monthly Archives: June 2015

A Numbers Game: A PPC Case Study Update

By Scott Zeller, SEO & SEM Specialist, The Goss Agency Sudoku, a popular numbers game, is a logic-based puzzle that requires you plug in numbers from 1-9 in the right combination to solve it and win the game. It starts with a few numbers and a partially completed 9x9 grid, and relies on you, the…
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Art in Advertising by Adweek

[caption id="attachment_3434" align="aligncenter" width="649"] Photo from Adweek featuring campaign for Aizone[/caption] One of our mottos at The Goss Agency is "It's All About the Work." So, Adweek's post from June 22 titled, "How Jessica Walsh and Gerry Graf Turn Data Into Art in Their Advertising" caught our eye, especially Graf's closing statements: "Now it's the work, because…
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