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One of our mottos at The Goss Agency is "It's All About the Work." So, Adweek's post from June 22 titled, "How Jessica Walsh and Gerry Graf Turn Data Into Art in Their Advertising" caught our eye, especially Graf's closing statements: "Now it's the work, because it has to be the work. No one has to see our stuff. You have to make stuff people want to see."

Four other gems we loved from the article:

"When I look at the world today when I'm creating—and we have more knowledge than ever before about who people are, what they do, what they want, what they like—I think of music and taking pieces of data and sending something back that's art." ~ Gerry Graf

"When you're going to start on a project, take in as much information—as much data—as you can. Overload your brain with statistics and facts and information. And then, after you've done all that, you can give your subconscious an objective. You can tell your mind what you want to do" ~Graf

"I try to approach as much of my work as possible as play, rather than seeing it as a job. And when I look back on my body of work, I realize that the more fun and play that went into the ideas and the process of creating them, the better people seemed to respond to the end result" ~ Jessica Walsh

"You have to have the confidence to fail, so you can take risks in your work as a creative." ~Walsh

Read the article in full and see examples in their work at:

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