When Was The Last Time You Were Your Own Customer?

Be Your Own Customer

Photo by Prayitno under Creative Commons.


Gordon A. Farquhar, Director of Business Development

Working in Business Development, I am constantly visiting websites, or viewing online ads and print collateral, and it makes me wonder when the last time a marketing director stepped out of their box to look at their brand image from a customer’s perspective.

If you work in the consumer product industry, have you tried to order or re-order your products online? How about calling the customer line or emailing your business for assistance? Are they responsive? Does your website and other marketing collateral carry your brand image throughout all channels? If you are in the travel/tourism industry when was the last time you tried to make a hotel reservation or book tickets to an attraction you are promoting on your website? And lastly, does your website properly convey to your target audience the true culture and potential experience your destination offers?

Being your own customer even for a few minutes can be eye opening and informative, and you might realize that your brand image could use some polishing, or that your website needs to be upgraded and made more user friendly. In the end, you want to give your potential clients the best possible experience you can offer through all your marketing channels, and properly convey the culture and brand image of your company or destination.  

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