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Summer is here! Here are some insights on the international traveler coming to the U.S.:
There are many reasons why summer is a peak travel season. Many families are able to take time to travel with the kids out of school, while others take advantage of visiting better climates to escape the summer heat, or in the case of India, the rainy season. The rainy season, which typically lasts from June to September in South Asia, provides an ideal time for many international travelers to visit the United States for summer vacations. The summer months attract all types of international travelers because of the versatile, iconic and numerous destinations the U.S. has to offer. Below are some insights and characteristics on the international traveler who spend their time in the States:

Canadians and Mexicans are the largest groups of travelers to the U.S. and have the ease of convenience on their side with their respective countries bordering the nation. The United Kingdom, Japan and Brazil are the next largest markets to the U.S., and should be noted for also being three countries that get an average of 3 weeks of vacation time a year.

International travelers act differently from domestic travelers for a number of reasons. One defining difference is the international possession of and attitude toward vacation days. The average Indian gets 20 days off and uses 15 of them. The average Briton gets 25 days off and uses all of them. People from Hong Kong, who on average get 15 days off like most Americans, use all their days, whereas Americans tend to only use 11. Brazilians get an astounding average 30 days off and use all 30.

Another difference is that international travelers are just as likely to travel alone as they are to travel in groups. A reported 58% of international travelers travel alone, so destinations that provide scenic relaxation, cultural immersion and unique experiences can be just as appealing to many international travelers as destinations with family-friendly entertainment.

International travelers are also comfortable with using various modes of transportation to get around the U.S., with 35.3% renting cars and 30.9% using public transportation. Many international travelers are aware of the large distances between U.S. cities and 30% will take an airplane again to travel between destinations within the country. International travelers are willing to travel and to see as much as possible while in the country. A true American experience will make a destination well worth their time.

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