Cultural Creative: The Island of St. Lucia

By Jeff Goss, President/Creative Director


Travel and tourism work is fascinating for the same reasons that one visits a destination personally or with family. Only we get to share our emotional experience to other potential visitors to get them to follow our example. What a fulfilling responsibility!

After seeing the waterfall that changes color with our own eyes and visiting the nearby walk-in volcano and le Petit and le Gros Pitons -- which are the remains of a collapsed volcano around Soufriere, we dropped our feet into the diamond mineral baths constructed by Louis XIV in 1713 for his French soldiers fighting in the West Indies.

The British and French fought over the naturally rich island of St. Lucia for 150 years, exchanging control 37 times.

Well, I learned it is not difficult, though, to distinguish the French ruins from the British. Can anyone tell me why -- without Googling it, of course?

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