Leveraging Your Distinction with Smart Branding

Did you know bulls can run faster uphill than down? I was having a conversation yesterday with a client prospect. She mentioned the need within their tourism attraction to radiate their brand and engage visitors with its message. Kudos and camel rides to her! (“Camel rides” is a good thing here - meaning exotic and adventurous travel around the world).

This is, in my opinion, one of the most effective, underestimated, and yet underutilized marketing channels available…not to mention cost effective! Take, for example, Jimmy John’s cup.

Brand everything related to your business

Most restaurant cups are bought in bulk, look alike, and have a logo or a promotion on them. Jimmy John’s, however, puts fun facts about speed on their cups. I’m talking about a company who leverages their distinction of “freaky fast” on a simple commodity product they had to buy anyway. Wow. Smart company, smart marketing director, and smart advertising agency (if they did it).

It is not enough to go through an arduous exercise of “branding," and believe me, there are many definitions of "branding.” It is not even enough to effectively communicate that brand through strategic communications. It is only enough when you continue to engage your customer with your brand and remind them why they love your brand once they purchase your product. There should be no “one night stands." There should be a method within your Brand Blueprint plan to follow up, thank them, and get them to share your brand and come back again, and again - eventually becoming a “brand loyalist.”

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