“You are in a position to create
a legendary brand.”

– Jeff Goss



Pinpointing specific social media channels heavily trafficked by prospect and loading them with fresh, relevant engaging content (information, video, ads, facts, inspirational quotes, etc.) relating to interest they want to share.

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Inside Ideas


This disciplined brand-centric approach to Digital Marketing and Brand Content Development exceeds national results statistics, driving higher-quality traffic to the website 49%-156%, depending upon the media channel.

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It all begins with a question: What in the world are you trying to do? And we literally mean, what Historical, Cultural, and Natural features do you have that will distinguish you in the world. We ascertain what collective knowledge we have to position you according to your assets; we discover what critical insights are missing; and we go find it using our Suite of proprietary research tools designed for full discovery in the areas of your destination, your constituency, and your competition.

  • State of the Industry Scan
  • Brand Audit
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Destination Immersion & Workshop
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Quantitative/ Qualitative Studies: Past Visitor and Prospective Visitor Quantitative Studies and Advanced Focus Groups



Oh, branding. Everybody from the blacksmith to the designer does branding and everything from a logo to a single TV as is called a brand.
At The Goss Agency we define a brand as “a destination’s distinction communicated consistently over time.”

We rake all the gems (visitor experiences/features/assets) that support a destination's brand distinction into a pile. We then rub them up against the competition and test them among your constituents for a leading brand distinction with qualified and quantified supporting features and experiences.



We like pie, just not pie in the sky.
We will deliver the most effective method for delivering your brand to your most likely prospect within a specific dollar amount.
We help our client’s make the best of
their budget with proven results
in every discipline.



  • Stands for "Visitor Experience
    Enhancement Program"
  • Identification and prioritization of the visitor experiences most supporting brand positioning and distinction
  • Provide recommendations on enhancement of existing visitor experiences supporting brand positioning and distinction (i.e. experience itself, costing, packaging based on visitor insights)
  • Ideation and prioritization of new visitor experiences fulfilling brand distinction (by impact vs. cost matrix)



The Cooperative Marketing Program is an opportunity to crosspromote your affinity compatible attractions without the risk of
out-of-pocket expense. We will introduce your visitors to nearby attractions within a 3-hour drive radius, and we will ask those attractions to do the same. It is that simple, and the benefits are tremendous.



  • Research/ identification of regional, national, and international organizations appealing to target profiles, convert corresponding target E/Print Ads to Group format, adding a promotion / special offer for membership
  • Development of creative message per target group with special promotion.



This is where it the magic happens. It all comes down to the message in front of your prospect. Does it touch their emotions? If not, it’s not worth the ink or pixels it’s written with. This is where TGA excels; taking a destination’s supporting historical/ cultural, natural experiences or facts, and communicating them in a manner that makes your prospect laugh, smile, think, and feel. And guess what? When they do, they remember. Clients comment that our campaigns are “so different from one another and from what is out there in the industry.” That is because our process truly distinguishes the unique features and experiences and communicates them in messages that connect emotionally and personally. Emotional connections are highly effective opportunities that target profiles should take every advantage of, through our services. TGA executes its standard of excellence process for all known creative projects:

  • Logo/Branding Themeline Development
  • Outdoor/POP/In-store
  • Ad Campaigns: digital, traditional, direct
  • SEM; PPC, Remarketing,
    Key Phrase/Word Banking
  • Website Design/ Programming
  • Banners
  • Wayfinding/Signage
  • Collateral
  • Broadcast; TV, Radio
  • Motion Footage
  • Mobile App
  • Press Kit
  • Group Planners/Tour Operator Packages
  • Vehicle Wrap
  • Packaging Design/Development

…and some yet to be discovered. Our message is developed and is expressed in design that truly comes from elements distinctive to the destination, rather than design trends. We create the message with the intent of assimilating across all media outlets. We then take it home and stand it on the fireplace mantle over night and study it and sleep on it. We have a saying about designing versus decorating. “If it’s not adding, it’s taking away.”




There was a time when someone said “Hey, there is this new thing called television, we could put ads on it”. Since then we have seen an evolution of media, in particular during the the digital age. We keep in mind whether digital or print it is the vehicle of the message, not the message. We ascertain the most cost effective means to communicate our client’s brand.
We are particularly aware of context, tracking, reach, and frequency balance, as well as media integration. We provide the following media services considering all forms and available media: evaluation competitive/ pend analysis, cost analysis, planning, negotiation, purchase, production/trafficking,
accounting, and reporting.



TGA operates 4 Digital Departments under the TGA Internet Services:

  •  Foundation- Website architecture,
    content development, design,
    programming, key phrase banking,
    SEO/ CMS, Mobile App Development, analytics, monitoring, maintenance
  • Outbound SearchDeployment/ supervision/reporting of PPC
    Campaigns Display/Motion Video
    Marketing, Remarketing
  • Outbound Direct - Digital Direct Campaigns, CMM (Customer Marketing
    Management) e.g. Newsletters, E-Message Strategy/ Execution
  • Social Media- Audit of current online
    social media presence, activity, and effectiveness. Annual plan (plug in foundation recommendations, viral activity concepts, monthly activity/ response/ engagement strategy)



TGA Philosophy: Tell people what to think before they make up their own mind.

  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Database/media contact base list
    building by target profile
  • Strategic planning;
    brand and target profile
  • Press Release writing and
    strategy, fulfillment
  • Release Deployment and follow up
  • Media Training
  • Media Interviews



The Goss Agency Cultural Map & Heritage Guide Program consists of a pocket size self-folding map with participating merchants/attractions and businesses on one side and the Cultural Story on the other. The maps are available at all participating merchants in counter displays. The Program is designed to accomplish three things:

  1. Educate the visitor on the
    Cultural Core/ Brand by telling the Cultural Story of the destination.
  2. Orient the visitor as to the cultural attractions/ features, as well as other locations (restaurants, accommodations, shops, galleries, etc.)
  3. Providing an all inclusive marketing
    vehicle of businesses within the destination creates unity in brand/ marketing/social outreach, providing the
    opportunity for cross promotion.



  • Goal: Generate high volume of applications at low CPA
  • Campaign monitored with optimizations made continuously, as well as recommendations for shifiting budget based on performance
  • Optimized based on client KPIs
    (CTR, CPC, CPA, etc.)
  • Reporting delivered to client with
    insights and recommendation
    for change

Well first off let us just say, we understand the meaning of the word. We are in the service business.

We just happen to serve marketing ideas and execution to our clients. Once a project estimate or contract is agreed upon, we lay out a schedule for the work. Then we execute a creative brief on each project for input and approval. Once approved, we go to work. We hold weekly internal production meetings for managing all of our client’s work, and a weekly individual client production meeting to keep things on schedule, budget, and strategy. Prior to these meetings we provide our client an agenda for a heads up, and after the meeting we provide a conference report.
This ensures we all heard the same thing.

Wow, how simple and effective. These procedures help avoid fire drills, missed deadlines, and budgeting problems that could cause embarrassment or worse for our clients.

We understand that our clients trust us with their precious marketing dollars to move that needle, so we treat the dollars like they are our own. Our clients put their faith in us and we don’t want to, no we will not, let them down.

It’s the ole “cart before the horse” story. Ideas before design, make sense? Well, not to everybody; a lot of marketing/design firms go straight to the computer, hoping to dazzle the client with design and distract from the fact the idea is weak, or worse that there’s no idea at all.

Guess what? It costs just as much to do a bad ad as it does for a good ad.

Being service oriented doesn’t mean we are “yes” men and women. If our client wants to change the work, we ask what is the problem, and/or their objective with the change. We either execute the change requested, or offer another solution.

Because… our goal is to do our best work and get outstanding results for our clients. Just like our mission statement says.

We recognize that we are not doing this to just get a paycheck. We know saying yes to a client just to get paid is a slow death of the relationship. We want all of our clients to contribute to our record of consistent double digit increases in our objectives and client references that span the years.