The Cultural Tourism Discovery Process

Excerpt from our Cultural Tourism Whitepaper, available via newsletter sign-up:

Our Cultural Tourism Discover Process is called Culture Context™ and it depends on a thorough understanding of the local culture and the context in which a particular destination competes. That context is defined by three domains:

1) the place

2) the people

3) the peer group.

We sometimes refer to these as the “three P’s of cultural tourism marketing.” Through an exhaustive but efficient process we collect information from each of these domains. This typically includes interviews with community stakeholders and influencers, a brand audit, a peer group communications analysis, tourism market research, and concept testing.

One of the most efficient and productive tools used to gather information and build consensus among local stakeholders is a proprietary technique we refer to as a culture inventory. Through use of our LOCUS™ tool, we identify opportunities across the six culture categories. Each potential opportunity is evaluated based on three strategic criteria:

1) authenticity

2) motivation

3) differentiation.

In a workshop setting, between fifteen and twenty-five local stakeholders are assembled to help build the inventory and then evaluate the areas for new opportunities.

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