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Photo by Robert Dalton under Creative Commons.

by Suzanne Metcalf

It’s all about the images. We live in a visual world – cameras on our phones and in our pockets; Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest at our fingertips. Press releases should reflect this. Images make everything better – they get shared more, boost page views and performance, and go viral on social media.

A 2012 study by PR Newswire found that visual press releases with photos are 1.8 times more likely to be viewed than a release without photos. If you include a video, the views shoot up to 4.3 times as much for a standard release. And, press releases distributed with photos and videos are viewed 7.4 times as often as text-only releases.

Images can also work double duty and support your search strategy if you optimize them for search by tagging them with keywords. Also, consider adding hashtags and the URL to the content on your website or landing page in the photo title.

So, what type of visual should you include?

Images and photos work best when they’re relevant, high quality and eye-catching. Choose images and photos that connect readers to your story.

Videos are one of the most effective storytelling mediums. Stick to the news and avoid talking heads while keeping your video to under two minutes. They easy to share on social media and great for explaining complicated ideas and processes.

Infographics are great to use when you have a data-driven story to tell. Consider uploading them to a specific landing page – include the link in your release. This way, you’re driving your audience directly to the news you want to share. Plus, it’s trackable! Recommendation: Build your visual library now so you won’t be scrambling at the last minute.

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