2016 Marketing and Advertising Trends Roundup

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2016 is right around the corner, so we’ve rounded up 10 pieces of the top advice about marketing and advertising trends to help your business reach new heights next year. Share this with everyone you work with, then schedule a brainstorming session so January 1, 2016 can’t sneak up on you.

  1. Forbes

“Video ads will start dominating...users are becoming more accepting of video ads online, and as that trend continues, expect to see more types of video ads popping up in more unexpected places.”

  1. AdAge

“In 2016, marketing and communications professionals will stop targeting millennials as one demographic and focus on reaching the younger consumers based on their passions, according to a study released today by Hotwire PR.”

  1. JeffBullas.com

“The continuing rise in the importance of digital assets...this new media is indexed by Google and shared on Facebook and Twitter. They are searchable now and will be found on the web in a decade. Media creation is a digital content asset that provides brand value now and will keep giving. In 10 years, the content you created today will be found in a Google search.”

  1. SmartInsights.com

“Research analysts GfK show the complexity of today’s customer journeys across multiple devices and through time, particularly for high involvement or high-value purchases, such as [car] insurance...”

  1. TheGazette.com

“Historical optimization is just a $10 term for updating and republishing your existing content so it is fresh and up to date. While it may feel like cheating, according to Rand Fishkin of Mox, Google often rewards republished content with higher rankings.”

  1. Entpreneur.com

“Schedule a two-hour photo shoot for your business and show off your awesome pictures on Instagram for your target demographic to see.”

  1. Skyword.com

“Interactive stories force content marketers to think even more like editors and journalists, and many of them aren’t yet there in their career development…[brands should use] a mixed-media approach of quality editorial, amazing photography, audio clips, and stunning video content.”

  1. Adweek

“Live marketing will transcend tent poles. This year, we’ll continue to see brands activate against these major events, but also lean heavily on connecting with their audience in everyday moments.”

  1. GaryVaynerchuck.com

“Up until now, big, old companies like HBO have looked at short form content primarily as a way to disseminate their longform stuff, or as a special features to accompany it. The fact that they’re now treating short-form as the main event points to some major shirts. This is another signal towards short form becoming the primary form of content.”

  1. SocialMediaToday.com

“Relationship marketing has shifted away from the concept of individual sales and engaging with customers in the short term to a focus on building customer loyalty through long-term engagement. As a result, brands are able to build stronger connections with their customers, resulting in improved lead generation opportunities.”

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