5 Quick Fixes for Your Facebook Page

Easy Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page

We spend a lot of time on Facebook for clients, for our agency and for ourselves, and we see some mistakes over and over that can be quickly fixed to up your Facebook game immediately. These updates will make your brand look more professional online and could help generate new leads or new stories to be written about your business by eager magazine or newspaper editors and writers. So, block off 30 minutes in your schedule this week to make these updates and attract more views to your page--and maybe some new fans!

1. Claim your custom URL

Facebook allows you to customize your page’s URL so that you can more easily direct people to your Facebook business page. If you still have a trail of numbers in your Facebook URL, then you need to go to


and select a new user name. You can also go to your About page, Page Info, and then click edit next to where it states, “Facebook Web Address” and put in your customized URL.

2. Fill out your About section fully

Speaking of your About section, make sure you fill out every section robustly. You might think that no one will bother reading it, but think about the “1 is greater than 0” philosophy that social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk promotes in his YouTube video. You never know if a writer or editor is looking for information for a story on your business, or if something catches a new prospect’s eye and they dive deeper into learning more about your business. Plus, the additional content can help your business come up in more searches.

3. Upload videos directly

If you utilize video marketing for your business (and you should!), take the time to load the video directly to Facebook instead of sharing a link to your YouTube or where the video lives on your website. Why? Because Facebook rewards videos uploaded natively with more potential views by your fans and non-fans alike.

4. Mix up content type

While sharing a link with an auto-populated image is a super-easy way to populate your Facebook feed, you need to mix in other types of content too, such as great photos or images, video content, asking questions, or posting fill-in-the-blank content to prompt engagement. You can also share a milestone, create an event, or create an offer.

5. Attractive profile and cover images

Lastly, make sure that your profile picture is clear and no words are cut off. Your profile picture is often a first impression for potential new fans, so make sure it looks crisp. Same goes for your cover photo. Be sure to occasionally switch up your cover image, too. Browse these examples and advice provided by Hubspot for some inspiration and free Facebook templates.

What are some of your Facebook pet peeves when it comes to business pages? Let us know at Facebook.com/TheGossAgency.

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