Two Ads Make YouTube’s 2014 Top Ten

As the year winds down, the best of lists ramp up.

YouTube released it's annual "rewind" this week, a mash-up of all the social site's viral videos for 2014. Along with the rewind video, which features a fantastic music mash-up by DJ Earworm, the site announced the top ten trending videos of 2014. This global list includes everything from TV clips from "Britain's Got Talent" to viral sensation "Devil Baby Attack."

Ad execs will be happy to discover that two high-concept, big budget TV ads made the cut. Coming in at number 2, a British ad for Nike featuring football stars from across the globe. But American fans will recognize number 7, a heart warming story of a horse and his dog from perennial Super Bowl favorite Anheuser Busch (Budweiser).

The "Puppy Love" video has been viewed almost 54 million times since it debuted in February. Perhaps more importantly, it has been shared more than 205,000 times, giving it life beyond the one minute it aired during this year's blowout win by the Seattle Seahawks. Which is good news for Anheuser Busch, because the company spent a reported $8 million on the ad buy alone.

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