Be Your Competitor’s Customer

Gordon A. Farquhar, Director of Business Development

In my last blog post, I discussed being your own customer, and the eye-opening information it provides to marketing directors as they continuously evaluate their marketing efforts. I hope many of you took a few minutes and stepped out of your box to try it. Now I want to flip things and ask, have you been your competitor’s customer?

If you are in the travel/tourism industry or business in general, go to your competitor’s website, browse through it. Is it mobile? The latest figure I saw was that over 88% of tourists with smart phones browse the web with their device. If it is not, you just found a selling point and competitive edge in attracting tourists or business leads. Is their information clear about what their destination has to offer potential visitors, are hotel rooms easy to book, and links functioning properly?

This exercise is not just to make you feel good about yourself when you stumble upon a competitor’s site that is really bad. What it will do is give you valuable insight as to how you stack up against your direct competition, and create possible selling points to attract future potential clients. And, it might awaken you to areas that you need to improve and take away a competitor’s advantage.

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