Cultural Creative – Natchez, Mississippi

By Jeff Goss, CEO/Creative Director
Renowned as the rowdiest landing on the Mississippi in the 1800s, it truly is fascinating to visit Under The Hill in Natchez, MS.

Built from 1730-1734, Under The Hill consists of about 20 buildings on the river’s edge below the bluff where the French built Fort Rosalie to conquer the Natchez Indians and establish the outpost of Natchez. Under The Hill was frequented by gamblers, river pirates, highwaymen, and prostitutes, and was described, in 1810, as a place such that "'...for the size of it, there is not, perhaps in the world, a more dissipated spot.” But not all was rough and tumble, as Mark Twain was known to visit and, it is said, got some of his inspiration there.

Today it is remarkable that the entire block of buildings hasn’t changed except for the people who come and go. One can smell the history and presence of those who visited and imagine their lives. Quite politically incorrect today, I must say.
This ad in the cultural branding series was created to bring to life the history and rough side of the founding of Natchez and America, and move one to want to know more, as macabre is alluring and fascinating to the visitor at a safe distance.

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