Cultural Tourism Whitepaper Introduction

Introduction to our recently released Cultural Tourism Whitepaper:
Cultural tourism. It sounds like a niche. In reality it is something different. Cultural tourism is a huge opportunity and a growing trend. According to the Travel Industry Association of America, roughly eighty percent of the 150,000,000+ adults who travel more than fifty miles from their homes can be considered “cultural tourists.” Thirty percent of adults state that specific arts or a cultural or heritage event influenced their choice of destination on their last trip.
Cultural tourism and the interest in culture among travelers--particularly affluent, active, and frequent travelers-- is on the rise. According to UNWTO, global cultural tourism is forecast to increase by fifteen percent in the coming years.
Moreover, cultural tourism is very popular in many countries but is still somewhat nascent in the United States. This implies that even greater growth is possible in the United States as the traveler’s appetite for authentic cultural experiences in
heritage, ethnicity, cuisine, crafts, arts, and music, continues to expand.
So for anyone involved in marketing a destination or “place-based” marketing, the question can no longer be should we, but rather how do we.

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