4 Ways To Attract Millennials To Your Destination

By: Courtney Jacobs, Account Intern

Millennials are armed to be the driving force behind the travel industry. They use travel to go on adventures, learn other languages and study. Why are they so eager to travel? This generation was jaded by the recession and now places less importance on saving for retirement and instead values spending on travel. To them, the future is unclear and unreliable, but the present is certain. Here are tips for capturing these brave and adventurous souls looking for a memory.

1. Catch Them on Their Channels

Traditional methods of travel advertising don’t have the same impact on Millennials as they have on past generations. The emergence of social media has made the virtual sphere their domain for gathering information. When considering where to travel 87% of Millennials use Facebook for travel inspiration, and over 50% use Twitter and Pinterest. It’s on these platforms that your destination can catch the eye of a Millennial by posting enticing pictures of your town or sharing video of the exciting adventures offered at your destination.

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2. Offer Their Interests

You might think Wi-Fi is what you need to provide Millennials with in order for them to be happy. Although it is definitely a plus, most Millennials ranked it as not a necessity. What is required? An experience.
Millennial travelers are not interested in “the traditional sun, sea and sand holidays” that past generations pursued. Instead, they look for cultural immersion and unique adventures. Does your destination offer excursions through the mountains, zip lining or snorkeling? Whatever activity you have, highlight it. They’re fans of authentic food from the region they’re visiting, memorable views and social environments. In fact, 98% of millennial travelers say eating “local cuisine” is very important on a trip. Sell them an experience they’ll want.

3. Collaborate

Millennials love to think creatively and are naturals at understanding what works on social media. Allow them to co-create and you’ll be amazed by the response. Millennials are not afraid to interact with destination profiles. Get their feedback on what they’d want from your destination. Ask them what they’re interested in or create a competition to get interactive participation. Get them to submit vacation ideas or come up with a nifty name for a new local festival.

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4. Be Their Friend

Most of all, be authentic and transparent, like a good friend. Millennials appreciate companies that “admit errors, attempt to share more and hide less … act like “friends” they would trust.” If you’re honest and genuine, you’ll appear human to them. Break away from boundaries of your image for a moment to comment on pop culture, reply to people commenting on your posts and show that you, as a brand, have feelings and thoughts too. And to a friend, Millennials are fiercely loyal.

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