Social Media Predictions for 2016

by Gabrielle Diepenbrock, Account Manager

Businesses continue to seek out different ways to reach their consumers and increase brand awareness using social media. More and more brands are joining the social media band-wagon, and the need for brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors is critical. As we begin this New Year, here is a list of social media predictions that will keep your head in the game for 2016:

1. Watch out for Facebook

For the past several years, public opinion has voiced that Facebook is dying. Millennials might be flocking to other “newer” and “cooler” social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, but Facebook is not going to go down without a fight. Already having an established user base, Facebook has a huge advantage as it expands its functionality. A few features they have added are Instant Articles and their In-App Search Engine so users don’t have to leave Facebook to search for content or publish articles.

Facebook search


2. Impromptu posting is important to reach target audience

With the rise of apps such as Periscope and Snapchat, there is an increased desire for in-the-moment, live content. This type of content can connect the audience to a brand in a more authentic and original way compared to premeditated, scheduled postings that companies usually do. Here is a link to some case studies of how brands successfully advertised via Snapchat stories.

snapchat stories


3. Virtual reality will be put to the test this year

While it is predicted from sources that virtual reality won’t gain much ROI for businesses this year, it’s also predicted to be one of the most buzz-worthy topics in the industry this year.

Virtual Reality

4. Opportunity for Messaging Apps

eMarketer predicted earlier in 2015 that 1.4 billion people would be using mobile messaging apps in 2015 (a 31.6 increase from 2014). Facebook is also leveraging this opportunity with their Messenger App. People can now transact money, arrange Uber rides, etc. using Messenger.  Facebook is also trying to innovate Business for Messenger - where consumers can have direct communication with different businesses (asking questions, scheduling appointments, etc.) rather than having to call.

5. Focus is on individual data

Companies will increasingly use social media to gain insights on individual consumers to figure out prime moments to advertise to them (ex. graduation, marriage, babies, buying house, etc.).


6. Passionate consumers are the influencers for a brand’s image

Businesses will continue to reach out to different influencers on social media, encouraging them to talk about their product/brand to that influencer’s followers. People generally trust content that comes from an individual or friend more than from a business trying to advertise itself.

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