Anchor: The Next Big Social Media Platform?

By Brady Rothschild, Account Services

What is Anchor?

Anchor is an app that allows one to create content in real time and share it with one’s friends, followers and others who are just browsing the Internet. It works very similarly to Twitter, or Instagram, but instead of text or pictures, talk is used to engage with other users about topics which they both find appealing and gives people another platform and medium to express how they feel.

Anchor was on demo at the famous South by South West (SXSW) Conference in Austin, Texas, and it has lots of investors excited.

How does it work?

Anchor uses the microphone on one’s smartphone to record two minutes of soundbites (waves) that can be easily shared across social media platforms. Any Anchor user can see any recording from another user on the app. It works like live talk radio, but can be heard anywhere in the world at any time. Users are encouraged to mark their first recording #firstwave. Recordings have to be done in real time and no pre-recorded messages can be uploaded.

Why only audio?

Co-founder Michael Mignano says it is because they are passionate about radio; they love listening to podcasts and believe they can build a community out of this app. Anchor builds on the premise that people will create content and bring their friends in to listen to the content they create and interact all by audio. This platform will help to entice those who prefer audio learning over the visual learners and give them a place to share their thoughts and ideas.

So what do I think?

Anchor will be a great medium for creating content (Gary Vaynerchuk agrees). The two minute limit allows users to create concise content that provides all the information the listener needs without time for the listener to get bored. The listener can literally voice their opinion back and interact with the content provided. It has the opportunity to become a great tool for learning and experiencing the world without giving away too much.

I started using Anchor recently to see how it works. I felt very welcome to the Anchor community. I made my first wave introducing myself to the “wavers” as they call themselves and was allowed to engage with people on topics I found interest in. I feel the app will be a great platform for people to engage each other on topics they share interests in as well as to actively share information and knowledge.

The app gives everyone a chance to be their own Anchorperson; it allows people to ask the questions theywant answers to and helps people who learn better through listening engage in the way that they feel comfortable. Although Anchor is vulnerable to trolling, I feel that as the app develops and grows, they will be able to monitor it better. I also feel that the trolls will not be as brave with this as they actually have to have a voice rather than typing and being a keyboard hero. I am excited to see how this app gets used in the future as it grows, develops and engages more people on more topics.

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