Haywood County TDA Campaign

Haywood County

"We have the best views, by miles."

Why visit Haywood County? One of the best reasons is this view. Blue Ridge Parkway, which cuts through the county as it winds its way through North Carolina and up through Virginia, is considered one of the most scenic drives in the country. This piece shows that the beauty of Haywood County lasts year-round, including ski season at the beloved Cataloochee Ski Resort located in Maggie Valley.

Haywood County Advertisement



"You can surely see your soul up here."

Here's another ad highlighting the Southeast's Great Smoky Mountains that make Haywood County a must-visit. With the onslaught of technology everyone deals with on a day-to-day basis, this ad encourages people to rise above the noise and find peace through a visit to Haywood County.

Haywood County

"Nothing under the tree compares to this experience."

This seasonal ad showcases an idyllic moment between a father and son as they search for the perfect Christmas tree. The emphasis to value experiences over gifts under the tree is clear, and the emotional pull is strong. The ad epitomizes what families want--quality time and memorable moments--which run aplenty in Haywood County.

For more information about Haywood County, go to http://visitncsmokies.com/.

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