5 Marketing Predictions for 2017

By Gabrielle Diepenbrock, Account Coordinator


Ready or not, 2017 will be here before we know it! Here is a compiled list of predicted trends that will help you adjust, prep and optimize your advertising and marketing plan for the new year:


An increased focus on analytics — including the use of data visualization tools.

With the growth in digital, marketers have been able to gather data like never before. But many marketers are still looking for ways to optimize and increase their insights with all the numbers they are gathering and communicate these insights to their team. The use of data visualization tools is a great way for marketers to gain and communicate insights. Here are some cool data visualization tools that marketers will increasingly use this coming year.



More personalized ads targeted to niche/affinity markets.

Redcrow Marketing estimated that most Americans in 2015 were exposed to around 4,000-10,000 advertisements each day. That range has undoubtedly increased in 2016. In order for brands to break through the clutter, they will need to increasingly reach their targets with personalized advertisements that speak to their niche/affinity interests.

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Video content to remain king of content.

According to Marketing Land, video makes up ⅔ of mobile online traffic, and it’s predicted that digital video advertising spend will double in 2019. With Facebook pushing live-stream video, and with the release of 360-degree video, the general public is looking for engaging and captivating content from brands, and brands should be reaching their targets with this type of content.



Use of third-party platforms for social analytic measurement.

Facebook’s video ad reporting controversy has made many marketers skeptical of receiving all their analytic data from the social platforms they directly advertise on. Marketers will begin looking for ways to receive data from trustworthy, third-party sources to ensure the numbers they are getting are correct.



More Native Advertising

While native advertising isn’t a new method of advertising, marketers are finding growing success with it, especially on digital platforms. According to MediaPost, native advertisement represents 83% of ads on Facebook’s Audience Network (FAN). Consumers tend to interact with native ads 20-60% more than standard banner ads on digital platforms.

Media Post also predicts that native advertising will account for 63.2% of all global mobile display advertising by 2020, reaching $53.4 billion.


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