5 Tools to Get More Out of Instagram

Instagram can net some powerful results for businesses thanks to its quick and easy ways for your customers to engage with just a tap on the screen, and its scroll-ability keeps people glued to their feeds. An image posted to Instagram can easily gain tens or hundreds of likes or comments, whereas a Facebook or Twitter post might only gather a handful. To help you master Instagram quickly, here are a few tools to check out.

1. Gramfeed

This website allows you to view what photos and hashtags are being used in and around a specific destination (see image below). This feature is super useful for local businesses to see what people in your area are talking and posting about.


2. Instasize

Photos aren't always the right size for Instagram, so install this app to make sure you have the right size to make the image work on Instagram.

3. Repost

This super convenient tool gives you the ability to share someone else's Instagram photo to your own feed. It auto-copies their post's accompanying text so that you can (1) be a good community member by sharing other peoples' content (2) gives you a break from having to upload original content. Especially great to share fan photos from your feed.

4. Iconosquare

This website allows you to like and comment on other peoples' Instagram feeds without having to log in to the app. It also provides key metrics like what your most popular posts are and who your audience is.

5. Layout from Instagram

This tool was created by Instagram to give people the ability to create collages either made up of existing photos on your camera roll or take several photos in-the-moment to be laid out collage-style instantaneously.

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