Email Marketing Works!

Today's marketing landscape is more fractured than ever. People are hit with TV and radio commercials, digital ads, email marketing, social's a lot to take in, and a lot for businesses to keep up with.

Thankfully, we know that email marketing is not dead and can still deliver solid results. Entrepreneur recently released, "7 Statistics that Prove Email Marketing Isn't Dead," which breaks down into these nuggets:

1. Easy way to tap into mobile market.

2. Customers appreciate helpful information.

3. Email complements other marketing efforts.

4. Best ROI.

5. Excellent lead nurturer.

6. Simple to execute.

7. High conversion rate.

8. Over 91% of people check their email on their phones daily.

9. Easy to add social sharing buttons.

Our internal data also backs up information from this article. For one of our clients, we see an immediate spike in their website traffic as a result of sending eblasts:

Website Traffic That spike demonstrated in the above graphic is a direct result of this email marketing campaign:

Digital Marketing


And since we constantly tweak who receives the emails, we are able to expose new customers to our client with each effort, as illustrated below:

Email Marketing


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